As a direct production unit at the hands and minds of the team of Master Architect, Construction Engineer, Highway Engineer, Engineer economic construction, mechanical engineer, BA Financial accounting is creating more.This is a team who have specialized technical skills,
experienced in practice, they are those who are mature from practice by joint intensive work, youth, enthusiasm in work.
Thus the civil engineering, industrial and transportation. The modern high-rise buildings have permanent structures, the key works have in turn put into use on schedule scratchy. Especially more successfully applied advanced technology in agriculture and construction deep pile foundation (piles, pile, pile),
in earth retaining walls, tunnels with a depth of 15 m …
With experience in construction as such, UIC also a consultant, vendor market separate villas, adjoining, apartments, lands senior project … ..

UIC always giving investors peace of mind about the quality of work, satisfaction in the progress and professionalism in management

UIC’s motto is: Quality – Engineering truth – Progress

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Mrs Dung
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Mrs Thu
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Mrs Thu
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