Melinh Freight Forwarder Joint Stock Company was founded and underway following the laws of Vietnam.

Trade name: MTO

MTO is the exclusive investor of Inland Clearance Depot (ICD) in Vinh Phuc province.

MTO is the member of EMU GROUP, which has the biggest growth in EMU GROUP. It is also a large and rapidly increasing forwarding and warehousing company in Vietnam and Asia.

MTO is also the member of International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) and Vietnam Freight Forwarders Association (VIFFAS).

  • Headquarters: Phuc Thang ward, Phuc Yen town, Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam.
  • Tel :           +84.211.3875.112 / 113
  • Fax :           +84.211.3875.094
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Branches and agencies:
  • 82/318 Nguyen Khang Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi city.
  • 354 Le Thanh Tong Street, Ngo Quyen District, Haiphong.
  • 79 Truong Son Road, Tan Binh District, Hochiminh city.
  • Other provinces and cities such as Langson, Quangninh, Danang…

MTO is a professional service provider in forwarding, transporting, warehousing, bonded warehouse, collecting consolidation, customs agent, customs brokerage, liquidating exported and imported consolidation, managing and supplying the manufacture – circulation – consumption process.

MTO’s staffs have qualification and much experiences in logistics service activities. They are doctors of philosophy, masters, lawyers, and engineers, bachelors of foreign trade, economy, business management, accounting, finance, transportation and information technology… The senior managing teams have high professional skill about the law, foreign trade and finance.



Melinh Freight Forwarder Joint Stock Company (MTO) was established in 2003.

On 4th February 2005, under the authorization of the Prime Minister, Finance Ministry officially recognized MTO as Inland Clearance Depot in Vinh Phuc province according to the Decision No. 455/QĐ-BTC.

MTO’s headquarters is beside Highway No. 2, located on Phuc Thang ward, Phuc Yen town, Vinh Phuc province, far away from north of Hanoi city center 35 km and 10 km from Noi Bai International Airport.

MTO belongs to a comprehensive system of transportation, lifting on/off equipments, offices, warehouses and yards which are 27,000 m2 wide.

MTO prides itself on delivery of superior services that have created the MTO reputation for excellent.

Fields of business:

  • Customs declaration and clearance, customs brokerage and customs agent
  • Loading and uploading, warehousing services
  • Porting services, parking services
  • Transporting and forwarding services and other supporting activities with special – purpose equipments
  • Transportation agency by road, by rail, by sea and by air
  • Express transfer
  • Supplying chain management service



MTO is well known for its reputation in providing a wide range of logistics services such as multimodal transporting, warehousing, customs clearance and declaration, customs brokerage, consolidation management in and out of warehouse, etc…

In order to ensure the quality of services, MTO has absolutely utilized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system in customs declaration, supplying chain management, liquidation, and warehouse management, and in process of operation professionally, independently and gains the Asian qualification.

MTO maintains the continuous connection between Manufacturer – MTO – Customs by establishing an advanced electronic network via Internet and scan documents so that parties can check and control directly the accuracy of situation, quantity, quality and goods in transit.

MTO assumes that services quality is very important. Therefore, service quality always stays at the heart of every activity. By setting up a strictly system of checking and supervising according to the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008, MTO actively encourages its staffs to follow the requirements of such quality management and obtain courses on management, transportation and forwarding.

With a growing network of partners, MTO works with top global companies in Asia and in the world such as YCH (Singapore), NYK (Japan), in order to thrive its business globally, to meet the increasing demand of the market, to perfect and improve quality of chain service. At present, MTO is preparing to establish joint-ventures with partners in Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan…



 Customs declaration and clearance

  • Cargo list
  • Tariff analysis and tax drawbacks
  • Exports and imports check
  • C/O form AK, AJ, B, D, etc…
  • Registration of consumption rate
  • Contract and annex registry
  • Exports and imports liquidation
  • Registration of fixed asset list
  • Tax repayment procedure…

 Road freight transport

  • Transporting commodities, exports and imports, oversize goods, container to ports and borders
  • Transporting FCL and LCL cargoes, goods with special requirement by freezer trucks and technical containers according to regulations of appropriate authorities and customer’s requirement…
  • Transporting materials, spare parts and substitutes from port to factories, from factories to warehouses/ agencies and in return
  1. Seaway and inland waterway freight
  • Sea transportation to countries in the world such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, England, Russia, America…
  • Exported goods transportation to Cambodia by inland waterway
  1. Inland Clearance Deport (ICD), warehousing services and other transport services
  • Providing the high standard system of warehouse, cool storage warehouse, technical warehouse, and bonded warehouse
  • Customs inspection, yards for storage, containers parking
  • Leasing container covers and lifting equipments
  • Collections, classifying, lifting on/off services, loading and unloading
  • Constructing, mechanic processing, repairing the containers, vehicles, equipments…
  • Manufacturing, processing, supplying package, the packing material, pallet
  1. Domestic and international express transfer
  • Collecting documents and goods
  • Packing, classifying documents and goods
  • Receiving, delivering and transferring documents and goods according to customer’s requirement
  • Express transfer
  1. Air freight agency for domestic and international demand
  • Carrying out lump-sum transfer from door to departure airport, from door to destination airport
  • Air transfer from door to door
  • Taking the delivery and receipt of goods at airports
  1. Warehousing and supplying chain management
  • Supplying the system of warehouse management through a modern information technology network which matches with the requirement of suppliers, the manufacture of workshops, factories, distribution system and sales agencies
  • Supplying a chain of forwarding services
  1. Authority for selling and buying
  • Exporting and importing goods and equipment
  • Receiving authorization to export and import goods




    • Organization structure





1.2.   Human Recruits

MTO has over 89 employees including:

  • 02: Masters of economy and laws
  • 23: Bachelor’s degree of foreign trade, economy, law, environment and society; engineers, and architectures
  • 14: Specialized employees at intermediate level
  • 26: Technical workers and drivers
  • 34: Workers, administrative employees and guards

Among these employees, 63 people are working at the headquarters and departments in Vinh Phuc province and the others are in representative agencies in Hanoi, Haiphong and other Vietnamese provinces.

  1. Technology
  • Most of all, the manager team of the company have ever trained overseas and domestic courses related to customs declaration and clearance, forwarding and warehouse management.
  • Besides Vietnamese pre-eminent managing software, developed countries’ software has been applied in MTO’s customs transit, forwarding, financing, goods management, personal management, management.
  • The whole works related to customs declaration and clearance, data management, materials liquidation and tax repayment… are carried out by computer.
  • The company has a comprehensive system of communication and computers which meets the demand of communication within the company as well as local and international communication.


  1. Equipments

To meet the increasing expansion of business, MTO has owned:

  • 15,000 m2: storage parks and freight yards for checking, packing and discharging goods
  • 10,000 m2: standardized warehouse, in bond
  • 1,500 m2: MTO’s working offices and offices for managerial bodies (customs, tax, treasury, bank, post office)
  • 1 crane, 3 forklifts, comprehensive manual equipments for checking, packing and discharging goods at ports
  • 1 electric 80-ton scale
  • 22 tractors and lorry with trailer for transporting goods packed in containers
  • 5 transports with special requirement such as freezer trucks, specialized trucks
  • 15 lorries with loading capacity from 0.5 to 15 tons for the transportation LCL cargoes, and by air cargoes


  1. Social policies
  • MTO’s officials and employees enjoy full social benefit according to the labor law of Vietnam
  • Every official and employee of the company is given training courses and technology transfer, business training…
  • The company often provides employees with fringe benefit such as holidays, sightseeing, and seminars which are financed from the company’s social funds
  • MTO also attends social activities in local such as financing poor but excellent pupils, the poor, the disables, citizens in places experiencing natural calamities



MTO has been providing customers with a wide range of services in different fields and in different locations:

Honda Vietnam (HVN), Toyota Viet Nam (TMV), Koshei Multipack Viet Nam(KOS), Bangsun (BSN) – Japan; Vinakorea (VNK), Shinwon (SHW), Deawoo Apparel (DWA), Keangnam (KEN), Yakjin (YAJ) – Korea; Viet Thien (VTH) – Hong Kong; Compal (COP), Kim Loi (KIL) – Taiwan; Piaggio Viet Nam (Italy), TS – Thailand; Suncal, Caltech…

MTO is in charge of activities such as:

  • Customs declaration and clearance, exports and imports liquidation, warehousing management
  • Full-load container and less-than load container transport (from Haiphong to factories and HVN’s warehouses in Vinh phuc, Thai Nguyen, Viet Tri, Bac Ninh and Hanoi city) and in return
  • Transporting goods from Factories to Noi Bai Airport and to other countries
  • Transporting exported goods to: Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Japan, S. Korea, America, and Germany
  • Loading and unloading goods, transporting components, spare parts, materials and products from factories to warehouses, agencies, suppliers and in return
  • Collecting, sorting out, packing, and transporting additional and waste materials
  • Setting and completing documents, working with governmental bodies for certificate of origin (C/O) form D, B; registering consumption rate and contract annex

Besides these above customers, MTO also fosters its relationships with other clients all over the world.



MTO does not only have relationships with Ministries, Economic and Social bodies and domestic partners but it also builds up strong relationships with many foreign companies.

The policy of firm quality assurance has help to connect the company’s name with its prestige and considerable shares in Vietnamese logistics and forwarding market.

In its all business fields, MTO always pledges to stimulate its activities for its customers’ sake, making a good foundation for implementing the success of investment projects, manufacture, and business. Therefore, MTO is always a destination which customers can rely on and associate with for mutual-benefit relationships.


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