Created by automobiles Engineer, Information Technology Engineer.

BA in Finance and Accounting, Bachelor of Foreign Language, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Foreign Trade
– These people have a lot of experience in domestic and international business development.

TS.O strengths are:

    • Sourcing goods and consumer goods distribution.
    • Export processing textiles.

Motorcycle spare parts. Lubricant ..Experience in managing a chain of big dealers like:

    • HONDA Motorcycle.
    • Motorcycles venture.

Also TS.O project still produce packaging. PE plastic particles from scrap …..

Mrs Dung
Mrs Dung
Phòng kế toán
Mrs Thu
Mrs Thu
Tel: 0904293003
Phòng kinh doanh
Mrs Thu
Mr Hùng
Tel: 0982403468
Phòng nghiệp vụ
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