Melinh Freight Forwarder Joint Stock Company (MTO)

Melinh Freight Forwarder Joint Stock Company (MTO) was established in 2003.
On 4th February 2005, under the authorization of the Prime Minister, Finance Ministry officially recognized MTO as Inland Clearance Depot in Vinh Phuc province according to the Decision No. 455/QĐ-BTC
Customs declaration and clearance
Cargo list, Tariff analysis and tax drawbacks, Exports and imports check, C/O form AK, AJ, B, D, etc…
Road freight transport
Transporting commodities, exports and imports, oversize goods, container to ports and borders, FCL and LCL cargoes, goods with special requirement by freezer trucks...
Seaway and inland waterway freight
Sea transportation to countries in the world such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, England, Russia, America...
Domestic and international express transfer
Collecting documents and goods, Packing, classifying documents and goods, Receiving, delivering and transferring documents and goods according to customer’s requirement, Express transfer
Air freight agency for domestic and international demand
Carrying out lump-sum transfer from door to departure airport, from door to destination airport
Warehousing and supplying chain management
Supplying the system of warehouse management through a modern information technology network which matches with the requirement of suppliers, the manufacture of workshops, factories, distribution system and sales agencies


  • 15,000 m2: storage parks and freight yards for checking, packing and discharging goods
  • 10,000 m2: standardized warehouse, in bond

1,500 m2: MTO’s working offices and offices for managerial bodies (customs, tax, treasury, bank, post office)

  • 1 crane, 3 forklifts, comprehensive manual equipments for checking, packing and discharging goods at ports
  • 1 electric 80-ton scale
  • 22 tractors and lorry with trailer for transporting goods packed in containers
  • 5 transports with special requirement such as freezer trucks, specialized trucks
  • 15 lorries with loading capacity from 0.5 to 15 tons for the transportation LCL cargoes, and by air cargoes
electric 80-ton scale
transports with special requirement
capacity from 0.5 to 15 tons
tractors and lorry


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Mto logistics - Melinh Freight Forwarder Joint Stock Company (MTO JSC)

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